Friday, December 2, 2011

One of my works

My Website

Okay, I need to get you some information on some of my writings. First off, follow the link above to see what I have on my website, and while there, please sign the guest book to let me know what you think.

Now, in addition to what I have posted there, I also have a sci-fi story I am working on. It is called "Challenge Of The Velah" and is about a man who inadvertently gets drawn into a war between two alien races. The Heskah race has been set upon by the evil Sakalel race, which is determined to annihilate the peaceful beings in order to culminate their vengeance.
The story begins with the hero finding a secluded glen in the middle of the forest he is traversing. He has forgotten exactly why he forged his way through the forest, and finding the glen initiates a cycle of recall which he does not want. The wall he mentally built to shield himself begins to crumble, and no matter how he tries to rebuild it, the memories keep trickling through.
Before long, one of the alien races is able to track him by his thought waves, and he must evade them while trying not to think about the incidents which have sent him away. When the followers realize they are unable to catch him, they return to their ships and leave him a backpack with supplies, along with a note, and a weapon to aid him defensively.
At first, he rejects the gifts, thinking them to be a trap, and runs from them an entire day. When he finds them again the next morning in the same condition as before he ransacked the pack and left the contents spread about, he resigns to accept and continue on. He has come to terms with his mission, even if he does not know exactly what it is he is supposed to do.
He then finds a cave, which he has had a dream about where he met the enemy for the first time. He does not want to enter, but finds he is compelled to against his wishes. He does find one of the antagonists there, and since he remembers the dream, is able to defeat the massive opponent.
Located there in the cave is a ship of the Heskah's, and upon entering he releases the Captain from cryostasis and is introduced into the camaraderie of their culture. After the ship is freed from the cavern, they are attacked and forced to flee to the stars.
They realize they cannot outrun the enemy, and set down on another planet to face the evil forces. He battles with the leader of a 10-being landing party. When the leader realizes the human is more than a match, he calls upon his regiment to try to overpower him. Against all odds, the single combatant defeats the small army. However, the enemy sends down twice as many, and is finally able to subdue the man and take him into custody.

I think this will be all I share with you for now. I am a bit further than this in my writings, but am not finished with it. I am hoping this will be if not my first then my second novel publication. Probably second, as I have gotten more than twice the response on "Barbarian Tales" as I have on "Challenge Of The Velah".

Stay tuned for more info on how my writing is going, and if you feel inclined, please leave me a comment...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Highlight Of My Writing "Career"!

I received today from the Library of Congress, officially acknowledging my poetry book! It is somewhat exciting to know that I am recognized, as it were, as a published author! See here;
Yippee for me!


I had the opportunity to read a zombie story by someone else, and was asked to give a review and post a link to the story. It is called, "My Zombie Body" by Mario Lurig. You can purchase a digital copy from for $2.99, half of which is donated to Child's Play Charity, which provides games, toys, books, and other entertainment for children worldwide to enjoy while they are in the hospital. A more noble cause I cannot imagine. So, here we go:

Jarad was just a normal guy, going to work day by day, ineffectually mingling with coworkers, and just as ineffectually flirting with the office cutie. Stories of a contagion began being broadcasted on news channels, but were readily disregarded by the masses. Until there was an evacuation called for.
The story follows Jarad through various situations and flashbacks. As his body makes the journey ever westward, his mind is still in operating order. He tries to regain control of his renegade physical being while coming to terms with the horrors his body has committed.
An entertaining look at the Zombie genre, and definitely a unique perspective on the changes and how they are perceived by the infected. I would absolutely recommend giving this story a read, and the price can't be beat!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Still Trying

So, I am still trying to build my "reputation" via Facebook, Blogging, Google... Anything I can find to get people to check out my work and hopefully tell me they want more. I think if enough comments come in saying my work is liked, I will have ammunition when I try to get published so I won't have to go through the self publishing route too much more. I would like to not have to at all, but becoming known is a long, drawn out process. Hopefully, some one will like it so much, they recommend me to an influential enough person who can help me "get a foot in the door" as it were.

Anyway, I will check on things over the next few days... (fingers crossed)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Facebook page

My new Facebook Author page can be found HERE

I have been told that an author should have media pages in which to "advertise" themselves. I am still not sure what will come of it, but have produced a new page on Facebook, and I have this blog. As to how to get the word out that I'm alive and writing stuff that lots of people would enjoy... *shrugs*

So, I will ask, if anyone other than myself is reading this, PLEASE recommend to your friends and acquaintances my work, my webpage at this link or my blog here. Just help me get around to people I don't know and see if they like what I write. I would be ever so grateful!

Friday, September 30, 2011

My Assignment Is Sent

As mentioned, here is a 'copy-and-paste' of the story I mailed in for my 3rd assignment. I had originally thought it up for a "Flash Fiction" contest while on and have added to it. So, without further ado, I present "Zombie Adversary":

Zombie Adversary

     This can’t be happening. I have spent the last three days trying to get away from the mindless hoards of zombies chasing me, but every time I think there’s a chance to rest, to breathe, more seem to seep out of the crumbling buildings surrounding me. I need to find a place to stop, and most especially something to eat. I can feel my strength ebbing. The occasional fountains I found that still had potable water did little to assuage the grumbling hunger pains.
     There’s an open door, have to get higher to see if the way is clear. It’s dark in here. I just have to rest for a moment. I start up the stairs and hear the door I just forced closed splintering under their attack. Scraping of shattered wood and crunching of broken glass trod under their feet echoes up to me as I ascend the stairs. I’m on the second floor now. There; a ladder, leading to the roof perhaps. Struggling with the latch, I find it is not going to open. That means I have to find my way back down to the street and find another way.
    I can’t afford the time to try and find another building to explore. I need to find somewhere with food as well as a place to hide. I could try to get into an abandoned apartment, maybe there would be something left behind from the evacuation last month; something that hasn’t spoiled yet.
     I remember having seen a grocery store about a mile back. I’m going to try to make it there. It may have been gutted, but there could be something there to eat. It is worth a chance. OK, I must be careful, as I can hear their groaning all around me. It seems they can sense where I am, maybe they can smell me, I don’t know for sure, but at least I am still faster than they are. I won’t be for much longer unless I find nourishment and rest.
     I’m having to skirt around a different way to backtrack. Can’t just go back the way I came; they are probably still there, shambling their way after me. I am hoping that means all of them will be past the store by the time I make it there.
     I have made my way through back streets and alleys. I can still hear them following. So far I have been able to keep out of their sight. How do they know where I am?
     I think I’m almost there. If I have my bearings right, it should be right around the corner. Yes, there it is. I can make it if I’m careful. I cannot stay in this alley too much longer, have to make a run for it.
     No! I’m in the middle of the street, and they are coming from everywhere. All around me. What the hell am I going to do now? I don’t have any weapons, I’ve just been avoiding them and running away. There’s no way I can fight them all off, especially not as hungry and tired as I am.  

     Oh, crap! They are too close! Grabbing me and wanting to get at my skin with their gnashing teeth as they try to bite me. I shove several of them back off me, they stumble and almost fall. There must be near a hundred now and more just keep coming.  I fight and punch at them, but it doesn’t faze them. One has a hold of my arm! “AAAGGGHHH!!!” Son of a bitch bit me! Doggone it!
    I did it. I finally got away from them. It was not easy, had to duck and dodge, crawl and roll under them. The blood from the bite actually helped by making my skin slick enough they couldn’t keep hold. Man, this bite hurts. Gotta wrap it up to try to stop the bleeding. Damn, that hurts!
     I’m feeling dizzy, can’t focus my eyes. My head and body ache and my muscles are so sore. What’s going on? Oh, great, I think I know. The bite. The movies must have been right. Now, I’m going to turn into one of them. I refuse to go around eating other people, I don’t care how hungry I am. I have to hold on to whatever memories I can, have to fight this…
     Can’t move good. Just slide my feet. Must be zombie now. Others just walk by. I walk into group. Can push this one into alley. Alone now. Grab head and pull off. Easy. Can do this all day. Take bite, so hungry. Yuck; dry, powdery. Better this than people. Go find more zombies.
     Have killed bunch. Not many left. Dry skin and blood not help hunger much.
     Another group, they have person. One bite the leg, but person free, running to me. Will change anyway, I hunger more. Catch person, bite neck, finish what others start. Fresh meat, hot blood, soooo good. Have strength, get more zombies.
     Big group there. Shuffle to catch. Blade found chop better than rip with hands, faster. Chop one, other see, chop that too. Chop all, they fall, no blood. Try eat, dry but solid. Bite more, chew, swallow. No taste good, just fill stomach.
     So many dead zombie bodies around. They see I kill, they try kill me, I kill them. Look for more.
     Ahead, humans. Smell so good. So hungry still. No zombies. People food too, better food. Hot food. They yell, but I need eat. See gun pointing at me. Puff of smoke. Hit in chest, no hurt. More smoke. Arm gone. Person next to me. See gun in face. See pull trigger… 

 Well, Hope you enjoyed that. Post a comment to show how much you care and I might be persuaded to put up something else. Otherwise, my ramblings as shown previously will continue...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Story

Well, I've done it again. 
While trying to get back to sleep early this morning, an image and some words began roaming the open spaces between my ears and would not relent until I got up, turned on my 'puter and put them in text form. I have not finished the other 2 stories I'm in process of completing, and now I have another. 
This one is about 2 guys who want to map a cave. I have no idea how they will do it, nor what complications they will run into, but I know that, at some point in their explorations, something will go terribly wrong. Will they both survive? No idea. At this point, I know pretty much the same as you do. 
I have contacted someone who teaches cartography (making of maps) and asked for help. (Can you imagine? ME asking for someone's help? Mr. "I-can-do-it-alone" asking someone to aid me?) 
Anyway, I hope he can give me some advice so it does not look like I am what I am: Uneducated in the area of making or telling how maps are done. 

Till next time: Adieu!

Monday, September 5, 2011

I have left

After posting asking for opinions on a subject concerning one of the books I had there, a couple of people kept harping their opinions, one stating that their view should be taken and that all who saw the subject differently were, in effect, amateurs not to be taken as seriously as that one. Then, the post was deleted. Coupled with the fact that the site seemed to be leaning more and more toward a social medium, I decided it was time to delete my account and move on. 

I got an email from a member I had emailed personally, and was sent a copy of the thread concerning my "retirement" which contained posts stating that I would be missed, ect, ect... I am not sure of the sincerity of some. Anyway, I am at the point now where I can concentrate more on getting my assignments done and diddling my stories without having to respond to or look at posts which get to the extent of being way too personal. I have no desire to be that close to anyone, in person or on the 'net.

Gimme Your Opinion:

If someone offered you a way out of the "Rat Race", where you no longer had to go to some mundane job every day, You didn't have to sit in hours of traffic once or, worse, twice a day, You could have the opportunity to take a course which would lead you to doing what you have for so long dreamed and desired to do, would you take it? Even if it meant you had to associate with a mentality you do not care to be exposed to?

That's what I did. I had injured my back at my job, for the "ump-teenth" time, only this one herniated three discs in my spine. I was off for worker's comp, got a shot to alleviate the pain, which only lasted two weeks. The doctor requested for me to have surgery, but the insurance company said they did not "fill in the paperwork correctly" and they denied the request. The doctor sent me back to work.
When my Ma came back from England, she was collecting my brother to bring to MS, so I asked to tag along. So, here I am.

That is a little of my story, and is how I came to be where I am now. Physically, anyway. How I got where I am emotionally or mentally, those are completely different stories!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


My next assignment for my writers course is to make a story of 750-1500 words. Now, I could submit the story I made up for a Flash Fiction contest held on 'BookRix', which is a Zombie tale told in first person POV about a guy who, after avoiding them for days, finally gets bitten and his subsequent change. However, I want to use a unique story made exclusively for the course, and then maybe post it to 'BookRix'. If I submit "Zombie Adversary", which is the Flash Fiction" tale, I would have to add to it to make the required word count.
I was thinking of maybe trying my hand at a haunted house story, maybe a ghost story in a haunted house. In fact, since that is the second time I have mentioned it (the first being to my Ma when she asked this morning how my writing was going), that will be the story. A haunted house with a ghost. Next question: Will it be a scary ghost or humorous? Hmmm....
Keep an eye on my other blog page. When I get it done to my liking, I will post it there, as I did for Assignment 2; "Growing Pains"

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Boredom and Continuation

...and now I sit at my computer, though not the one I usually use. No, that one is deciding I use it way too much and developing a glitch. I am not sure what else it can be. I am going to have to salvage all I can off it and wipe it clean, give it a fresh start. It is definitely better than the alternative: Finding a big sledge hammer and seeing how plastic reacts to the sudden impact of 350ft.lbs. of pressure administered at close range. I know, that would be a waste of the thousand dollars I spent acquiring it, but at times, it sure is tempting.

Hello, Self! I call myself "self" when I talk to myself, because no one else can call me "self". It just wouldn't sound right somehow. Just as it wouldn't sound right if I called someone else "self". You may call yourself "self", but you nor I can call anyone but ourselves "self". Kind of seems a little "self"-ish. ;D

OK, so you may think I could be a little stoned, but I assure you I'm not. I'm just waxing philosophical of sorts. Letting my mind (or what's left of it, anyway) wander, as it is apt to do, sometimes at the most inconvenient times.

I have been writing. I joined a website called "" and have posted the items I had written. The admin there also has contests on occasion, and I have been inclined to write new things and post them there. Some have gotten pretty good responses, though none enough to be "best seller" variety. I still think I have potential. I also think some others think I have potential, though I'm not sure if the others think that I think I have potential. I think. Do I think? Am I supposed to think? I know that at times, thinking has gotten me in trouble, but then again, not thinking has gotten me in trouble, too. So, do I think, or do I not think?

Right now, I am doing an exercise called "free writing" That is when you just start typing, and whatever comes out is what you write. It could make sense, or it could be meaningless. The point is, just write. No matter what you happen to write, as long as you write. Right? I know, I am the only one reading what I'm writing, so what's the point, right? The point is, dingbat, that I am writing for me. Not you, and most certainly not someone else, but me. In the end, all a writer can do is write for him/her self. If a writer constantly writes to please another person, then eventually the one doing the writing will go insane, blow their brains out or take a long walk off a short pier. Because they are making up things for other people instead of exercising their own demons by putting them down on paper (or digital file, as the case may be).

OK, I'm going to close this down and post it now. I'll be back eventually. Take care, self!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Here We Go Again...

So, it appears that I am not real good at this blogging thing. Well, it's not like anyone is reading them, so they are mainly just a form of a personal updating system. 
 I have moved. From Texas to Mississippi. My Mother moved back from England and offered me the chance to not have to work the job that was wearing my back out to near disability, so I accepted.
I have enrolled in a course from Long Ridge Writers Group. I feel this will give me the skills I was hoping for in the college classes.
Not much else going on right now, so I will get back to doing what needs done.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

After a month and a half...

Hey, there! I know, it has been some time since I last posted. Life and all, ya know?
   Anyway, I was inclined to withdraw from the BA courses, mainly after taking into consideration the amount of the loans required to pay the tuition and the future potential problems of having to repay them. So, now I am just struggling through trying to make myself find the time to continue writing on my book, and someday, I will be able to get professional help. Then, maybe some other day, either I can get published or even try the self publish option again. Time will tell....
   For now, I will continue to keep adding to "Challenge of the Velah" and beef up my word count. At this point, I have about 16,000 words, and must aim for about 50,000. So you can see, I have a LONG way to go!
   Well, that's all for now. I will try to not be so long for the next time.