Tuesday, August 23, 2011


My next assignment for my writers course is to make a story of 750-1500 words. Now, I could submit the story I made up for a Flash Fiction contest held on 'BookRix', which is a Zombie tale told in first person POV about a guy who, after avoiding them for days, finally gets bitten and his subsequent change. However, I want to use a unique story made exclusively for the course, and then maybe post it to 'BookRix'. If I submit "Zombie Adversary", which is the Flash Fiction" tale, I would have to add to it to make the required word count.
I was thinking of maybe trying my hand at a haunted house story, maybe a ghost story in a haunted house. In fact, since that is the second time I have mentioned it (the first being to my Ma when she asked this morning how my writing was going), that will be the story. A haunted house with a ghost. Next question: Will it be a scary ghost or humorous? Hmmm....
Keep an eye on my other blog page. When I get it done to my liking, I will post it there, as I did for Assignment 2; "Growing Pains"