Sunday, January 6, 2013

So, here we are in 2013. A brand new year, with brand new opportunities to try to accomplish all that we dream of. Right? WRITE??

Okay, I am still proving my inefficiency with keeping current with blogging, as well as Twitter, Facebook... Some may say, "At least you are consistent with the inconsistency." 

I have been wondering, and thinking about asking someone, about "Guest Blogging". Having someone come onto my blog and posting. I wonder if it would get more traffic, at least temporarily, to visit. Maybe some would comment, not only on the guest post, but give some of my others a read and let me know their opinions.
 I guess, reality would be whether or not I actually want opinions like that. I mean, I started this blog out as a platform to get 'me' out there; to introduce myself as a new and aspiring writer. I guess, after a year or so of irregular posts, very few views and even less comments, I just began posting nonsense. Just to have something to post.

So, I got an email today. An offer of a guest post. I really want to go ahead and accept, have the guest post and link to drive more traffic and maybe get noticed. But then I realize that it could really get me noticed. I mean there would have to be at least some who would follow the link and see his post, and, naturally, glance at some of my previous posts. What a conundrum: Do I or don't I really want people to read what I have posted here? Should I make a completely different blog site wherein I post only my writings (none of which have been published, let alone finished) and get a guest post on that one? Decisions, decisions...

I'll give it some thought, hope someone gives an opinion, and come up with an answer; hopefully soon. Until then, dear reader(s), auf wiedersehen.