Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Back Home Again

Well, we have been gone from home a little more than a week, but are now back. There was a gathering of family, my Ma’s Sister’s to be exact, that we had been invited to. We travelled to Otwell, AR, just outside of Jonesboro, and there, through the week, arrived about 37 others to feast and congregate. I must say, being a loner and preferring time alone, it turned out being almost overwhelming. I had the privilege of meeting some people I had not known before, and met others that, so I’m told, I knew when I was very young. To my mind, most all were new faces. Names and relations got passed along, some I could remember, others not so much. Sometimes my memory, or lack thereof, really causes me embarrassment. So, in the 8 days there, I was convinced to eat much more than I am usually comfortable with, met with more people than I can remember meeting in such a short period, and had the opportunity to play with some young cousins (probably more than I should have, given my back problems). In all, I must say it was an experience. Yea, that’s a good word for it.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Something New

I am trying out a new Windows program called “Windows Live Writer”. It is, or so it says, made to enhance blog posts. Also, one can post pictures and videos through the same program. We shall see…