Saturday, July 23, 2011

Boredom and Continuation

...and now I sit at my computer, though not the one I usually use. No, that one is deciding I use it way too much and developing a glitch. I am not sure what else it can be. I am going to have to salvage all I can off it and wipe it clean, give it a fresh start. It is definitely better than the alternative: Finding a big sledge hammer and seeing how plastic reacts to the sudden impact of 350ft.lbs. of pressure administered at close range. I know, that would be a waste of the thousand dollars I spent acquiring it, but at times, it sure is tempting.

Hello, Self! I call myself "self" when I talk to myself, because no one else can call me "self". It just wouldn't sound right somehow. Just as it wouldn't sound right if I called someone else "self". You may call yourself "self", but you nor I can call anyone but ourselves "self". Kind of seems a little "self"-ish. ;D

OK, so you may think I could be a little stoned, but I assure you I'm not. I'm just waxing philosophical of sorts. Letting my mind (or what's left of it, anyway) wander, as it is apt to do, sometimes at the most inconvenient times.

I have been writing. I joined a website called "" and have posted the items I had written. The admin there also has contests on occasion, and I have been inclined to write new things and post them there. Some have gotten pretty good responses, though none enough to be "best seller" variety. I still think I have potential. I also think some others think I have potential, though I'm not sure if the others think that I think I have potential. I think. Do I think? Am I supposed to think? I know that at times, thinking has gotten me in trouble, but then again, not thinking has gotten me in trouble, too. So, do I think, or do I not think?

Right now, I am doing an exercise called "free writing" That is when you just start typing, and whatever comes out is what you write. It could make sense, or it could be meaningless. The point is, just write. No matter what you happen to write, as long as you write. Right? I know, I am the only one reading what I'm writing, so what's the point, right? The point is, dingbat, that I am writing for me. Not you, and most certainly not someone else, but me. In the end, all a writer can do is write for him/her self. If a writer constantly writes to please another person, then eventually the one doing the writing will go insane, blow their brains out or take a long walk off a short pier. Because they are making up things for other people instead of exercising their own demons by putting them down on paper (or digital file, as the case may be).

OK, I'm going to close this down and post it now. I'll be back eventually. Take care, self!