Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wondering How…


Well, well, hole in the ground. Deep subject for such a shallow mind.

It has been a really long time since I have graced this blog with an update. I guess you could say I’m keeping with a sort of tradition here, but I have posted to my other blog, on average, at least once a month since initiating it around the same time as the last one here. {Having just reviewed, I find that most have been more than that. Except last month.}

That said, let’s ahead with the reason I am here today:

Last night, I tried to put some words down to continue on my Barbarian book. A group is in route to the Ruler of the Kingdoms to be offered the quest of rescuing his daughter from the bad guy.

I opened the program, pulled the proper document, fingers poised at the keyboard… nothing. I re-read what I already had, went back a chapter, tried again. Nope. So, I closed that, opened my Sci-Fi story (No relation to the Sc-Fi poem posted earlier here)… still a blank.

I closed the program, slightly flustered, and pulled out my sketch pad. No idea what I intended to try to draw (if one could consider what ends up on the page a drawing), but just wanted something creative to happen. I did get a couple of things down, and even looked somewhat discernable.

Then, I got out my “character sheet” of something still in the extreme idea section of works; a prequel, if you will, of “The Barbarian”. I am still in need of naming many of the wizards, as well as their respective assistants and the kings of each Kingdom. ((In “Barbarian”, the Twelve Kingdoms are under one ruler, but in this prequel, they are all independent.)) I realized I need a name generator. There are many options, of course, but I did not have my web browser open last night.

To make a long story short (too late!), I figured I have a little thing called writers block. I’ve heard horror stories about some who have had it for years, some who’ve never experienced such a thing. Perhaps it is a malady only reserved for those who lack the self-confidence in their works. I know I have often said that if there were someone next to me egging me on to get more written for them to read… But that’s neither here nor there. What to do about the present situation?

There are as many solutions offered as there are people to offer them. I know I have posted at least once somewhere that one helper is to do some “free writing”. In fact, I have posted some right here on this blog. (Look for “Recent Ramblings”)

In other words, if you, too, are having difficulties getting your writing done, or even getting motivated to do whatever it is that thrills you, you are not alone. Not only have real people, even famous people, as well as ones who have made a fortune helping others lift the fog of indecision and (perhaps) feelings of coming up short on the acceptance chart, been through some sort of the same thing, but there are loads of others who feel that way right now.

So, just try to put something down if you write, scribble a doodle if you draw, drive a bunch of nail into a random piece of wood if you build. Whatever you can think of to just do something. Who knows? Maybe the distraction could be your greatest concept…


Wishing you the best, and hoping you wish the same for me!