Saturday, July 7, 2012

Exploring the origin of the Barbarian

While getting part of "Barbarian Tales" ready to submit for one of my lessons, I decided to actually take a different track; to write the beginnings of the Barbarian in a separate story. There are clues to older histories in the world I am creating, and the wary reader will be able to hash them out. I don't want to explain in detail his family history, since he will not know it himself, so the readers will have to do some deductive reasoning. I am hoping this will lead to a deeper plot. I would like to think today's readers do not want everything spilled out on page; that they desire to make some of the discoveries for them selves and have a hand in discovering the world they imagine from what they read. Or, should I just put down in writing all the inferences I am making? 
     Since I have not gotten a single comment on any of my past posts, I am not really expecting one here. It would be nice, but let us be realists here. Obviously, my blogs are tiresome and no one really gives a damn about what I put here.