Friday, December 2, 2011

One of my works

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Okay, I need to get you some information on some of my writings. First off, follow the link above to see what I have on my website, and while there, please sign the guest book to let me know what you think.

Now, in addition to what I have posted there, I also have a sci-fi story I am working on. It is called "Challenge Of The Velah" and is about a man who inadvertently gets drawn into a war between two alien races. The Heskah race has been set upon by the evil Sakalel race, which is determined to annihilate the peaceful beings in order to culminate their vengeance.
The story begins with the hero finding a secluded glen in the middle of the forest he is traversing. He has forgotten exactly why he forged his way through the forest, and finding the glen initiates a cycle of recall which he does not want. The wall he mentally built to shield himself begins to crumble, and no matter how he tries to rebuild it, the memories keep trickling through.
Before long, one of the alien races is able to track him by his thought waves, and he must evade them while trying not to think about the incidents which have sent him away. When the followers realize they are unable to catch him, they return to their ships and leave him a backpack with supplies, along with a note, and a weapon to aid him defensively.
At first, he rejects the gifts, thinking them to be a trap, and runs from them an entire day. When he finds them again the next morning in the same condition as before he ransacked the pack and left the contents spread about, he resigns to accept and continue on. He has come to terms with his mission, even if he does not know exactly what it is he is supposed to do.
He then finds a cave, which he has had a dream about where he met the enemy for the first time. He does not want to enter, but finds he is compelled to against his wishes. He does find one of the antagonists there, and since he remembers the dream, is able to defeat the massive opponent.
Located there in the cave is a ship of the Heskah's, and upon entering he releases the Captain from cryostasis and is introduced into the camaraderie of their culture. After the ship is freed from the cavern, they are attacked and forced to flee to the stars.
They realize they cannot outrun the enemy, and set down on another planet to face the evil forces. He battles with the leader of a 10-being landing party. When the leader realizes the human is more than a match, he calls upon his regiment to try to overpower him. Against all odds, the single combatant defeats the small army. However, the enemy sends down twice as many, and is finally able to subdue the man and take him into custody.

I think this will be all I share with you for now. I am a bit further than this in my writings, but am not finished with it. I am hoping this will be if not my first then my second novel publication. Probably second, as I have gotten more than twice the response on "Barbarian Tales" as I have on "Challenge Of The Velah".

Stay tuned for more info on how my writing is going, and if you feel inclined, please leave me a comment...