Friday, December 3, 2010

Orientation for Classes Almost done!

Well, week 3 of classes is drawing to a close. I have thus far done all my assignments, and all that's left is posting my final "survey" of how the orientation went for me. In all, I think it mostly went well. I also took a workshop to get pointers on how to use PowerPoint and Excel and be able to make presentations using them, and I am sure I did well in those, too.
I am scheduled to begin my real classes on Dec. 14. I guess I will find out after that just how determined I really am to get this done. It can only help me, ya know? 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Second Blog

Well, here I am again! I have completed my first week of orientation for classes to pursue my BA, and only 3 weeks to go till I actually begin the course. I have added links to so people can search for my book, as well as anything else that strikes their fancy. For my book, just search for "John T. M. Herres". If you click the title,Life Through My Eyes: A Collection Of Poems, you will go directly to the page on Amazon.
Life Through My Eyes: A Collection Of Poems
So, anyway, on with my current project. I am in process of writing a book called "Challenge of the Velah". It is a sci-fi book, though I did not know that when I started it. The synopsis I wrote for it is this:
"A man has been unwittingly caught up in a battle of survival between the Heskah race and the evil Sakalel, who are intent on annihilation of the more passive race. The man finds he is destined to be the Velah, or 'The One Who Intervenes' and must face the Sakalel warriors and try to save his new friends from extinction."

Sounds kind of interesting, huh? I began it, as with most things I have written, because the first sentence was roaming around in my head and would not leave me alone until I jotted it down, then it kept expanding. I wrote several paragraphs then quit to pursue another story that hit me titled (at least for now) "A New World To Live In", which is about a new form of Zombie Infection. I was excited about this concept, but it left me and I found myself trying to force the story. When this happens, all is lost. Now, when I do get back to it, I will have to completely revamp it.
When I showed a new acquaintance some of the poetry I was getting ready for the publishing I had engaged, I happened to mention the "...Velah" story, which at that point in time was still just a few paragraphs and showed no signs of being a sci-fi story at all. She requested to see it, and told me she was excited to find out what happened next. My interest was renewed with this favorable criticism, and words began forming again. I now have just under 14,000 words in it, and am not even half way done.
However, I sent it off to a publishing agent, and they said, although they were interested in working with me, I needed to get a professional critique done to it first so we could have a starting point. Let me tell you, it is awfully difficult to find someone who will help out with an unfinished manuscript. The most all only want an excerpt containing the first part of it, but they want it to be a finished product. As for me, I would like to find out before I finish if I have to totally change it, or even rearrange parts of it. The one person I did find who was willing to work with it told me to send part of it and he'd have someone critique it. I wanted it to be as best it could be, so I ran the Word Processor grammar check on it. I will recommend to anyone NOT to do that. I had to change so much of it that it was not a story anymore. In fact, the guy sent me an email that said it looked like "detailed notes in story form." He also told me that they could take it, expand it to about 80- or 90,000 words to make it ready for publication. For $14,000.00. I don't know about you, but I don't have that kind of pocket change. Hell, I have trouble sometimes coming up with $14.00! I wanted to send him the same excerpt from before I ran the grammar check, but decided I would try to doctor it myself while still trying to complete it.
That is when I decided to explore the benefits of getting a college degree behind me. I figure, if I major in English, the vocabulary as well as the ability to be grammatically correct will be a lot easier to bring to mind. After all, it has been about 28 years since I graduated High School, and I also explored in depth the ins and outs of Alcoholism, which needless to say, destroyed most of my usable brain matter.
So, that about concludes this episode of my story. Thanks for reading, and check back for more updates. Remember, check out my website, which is linked on my profile page here, and look for my poetry book on, Barnes and Nobles website, and a few others. You could Google my name to find other possibilities. Till Next Time;  Later!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Welcome to my new Blog

Greetings and Salutations! My name is John Herres, and I am an aspiring writer. I currently have one book in print, having self published, and am in process of writing 3 other stories. I have never done a blog before, so am learning as I go. I hope anyone who is reading will cut me a little slack for being an amateur. I guess I will begin by telling a little about the Poetry book I have published.
My book is called, "Life through My Eyes". It is a collection of 23 poems ranging from life experiences to observations to "flights of fancy". The interesting thing is, when I began investigating the possibility of getting self published, poetry had not even crossed my mind. I was looking into trying to get a new story I had started published, even though it was no where close to finished. They called to check, one thing led to another, as they say, and I decided to put poetry in a book.
At that point in time, I only had about 8 or 9 written, the last having been around 2 years before, and the first around 2004 or so. The company told me I needed at least 20 to make enough to make into a book, so I began thinking, and the poems began hitting. It seems that poetry is the main thing I can write without putting too much thought into it. A couple of sentences pop into my head and when I put pen to paper, they just flow right on out there.
Any way, I will post some of those poems so you can see I may not be so shabby, and later on, I might try to put some excerpts from one of my book attempts. You can visit my web site to see some samples of my writing, and if you do, I ask that you consider signing my Guest Book to let me know what you think.