Thursday, October 20, 2011


I had the opportunity to read a zombie story by someone else, and was asked to give a review and post a link to the story. It is called, "My Zombie Body" by Mario Lurig. You can purchase a digital copy from for $2.99, half of which is donated to Child's Play Charity, which provides games, toys, books, and other entertainment for children worldwide to enjoy while they are in the hospital. A more noble cause I cannot imagine. So, here we go:

Jarad was just a normal guy, going to work day by day, ineffectually mingling with coworkers, and just as ineffectually flirting with the office cutie. Stories of a contagion began being broadcasted on news channels, but were readily disregarded by the masses. Until there was an evacuation called for.
The story follows Jarad through various situations and flashbacks. As his body makes the journey ever westward, his mind is still in operating order. He tries to regain control of his renegade physical being while coming to terms with the horrors his body has committed.
An entertaining look at the Zombie genre, and definitely a unique perspective on the changes and how they are perceived by the infected. I would absolutely recommend giving this story a read, and the price can't be beat!

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