Saturday, January 29, 2011

After a month and a half...

Hey, there! I know, it has been some time since I last posted. Life and all, ya know?
   Anyway, I was inclined to withdraw from the BA courses, mainly after taking into consideration the amount of the loans required to pay the tuition and the future potential problems of having to repay them. So, now I am just struggling through trying to make myself find the time to continue writing on my book, and someday, I will be able to get professional help. Then, maybe some other day, either I can get published or even try the self publish option again. Time will tell....
   For now, I will continue to keep adding to "Challenge of the Velah" and beef up my word count. At this point, I have about 16,000 words, and must aim for about 50,000. So you can see, I have a LONG way to go!
   Well, that's all for now. I will try to not be so long for the next time.

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