Monday, September 5, 2011

Gimme Your Opinion:

If someone offered you a way out of the "Rat Race", where you no longer had to go to some mundane job every day, You didn't have to sit in hours of traffic once or, worse, twice a day, You could have the opportunity to take a course which would lead you to doing what you have for so long dreamed and desired to do, would you take it? Even if it meant you had to associate with a mentality you do not care to be exposed to?

That's what I did. I had injured my back at my job, for the "ump-teenth" time, only this one herniated three discs in my spine. I was off for worker's comp, got a shot to alleviate the pain, which only lasted two weeks. The doctor requested for me to have surgery, but the insurance company said they did not "fill in the paperwork correctly" and they denied the request. The doctor sent me back to work.
When my Ma came back from England, she was collecting my brother to bring to MS, so I asked to tag along. So, here I am.

That is a little of my story, and is how I came to be where I am now. Physically, anyway. How I got where I am emotionally or mentally, those are completely different stories!

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