Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Story

Well, I've done it again. 
While trying to get back to sleep early this morning, an image and some words began roaming the open spaces between my ears and would not relent until I got up, turned on my 'puter and put them in text form. I have not finished the other 2 stories I'm in process of completing, and now I have another. 
This one is about 2 guys who want to map a cave. I have no idea how they will do it, nor what complications they will run into, but I know that, at some point in their explorations, something will go terribly wrong. Will they both survive? No idea. At this point, I know pretty much the same as you do. 
I have contacted someone who teaches cartography (making of maps) and asked for help. (Can you imagine? ME asking for someone's help? Mr. "I-can-do-it-alone" asking someone to aid me?) 
Anyway, I hope he can give me some advice so it does not look like I am what I am: Uneducated in the area of making or telling how maps are done. 

Till next time: Adieu!

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