Monday, September 5, 2011

I have left

After posting asking for opinions on a subject concerning one of the books I had there, a couple of people kept harping their opinions, one stating that their view should be taken and that all who saw the subject differently were, in effect, amateurs not to be taken as seriously as that one. Then, the post was deleted. Coupled with the fact that the site seemed to be leaning more and more toward a social medium, I decided it was time to delete my account and move on. 

I got an email from a member I had emailed personally, and was sent a copy of the thread concerning my "retirement" which contained posts stating that I would be missed, ect, ect... I am not sure of the sincerity of some. Anyway, I am at the point now where I can concentrate more on getting my assignments done and diddling my stories without having to respond to or look at posts which get to the extent of being way too personal. I have no desire to be that close to anyone, in person or on the 'net.

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